Jul 09

A debt settlement program is a viable option for anyone with debt problems. This program helps to reduce the total debt amount by at least 40%. There are various firms in the market that offer this program. However, it is better to settle your debts on your own as these firms usually charge fees for their services. But if you don’t have good negotiation skills, then you should hire debt settlement companies.

Debt settlement companies
As it has already been said, most of the debt settlement companies charge fees for their services. This means that you need to pay the fee of the settlement company as well as you have to pay back your creditors. In short, you have to increase your wealth. You can increase your wealth through assets.

Wealth creation
It is a fact that in order to be wealthy, you need to possess lots of assets, but these assets must be of a definite type. In the world of wealth creation define assets in a different way. There are some assets that help you become wealthy like stocks or investment real estate and there are some assets (bad assets) that don’t help you at all, like the car and TV we just looked at.

It is imperative to own as much good assets as possible so that you can increase your wealth quickly. Good assets when owned, put money in your savings account. They are things such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, investment real estate, futures, options, hedge funds, commodities and so on. All these assets have the potential to put money in your pocket. These are normally called investments.

Bad assets wipe out money from your bank account. It will decrease your wealth rather than decreasing it. Therefore, try to reduce your bad assets as much as possible. Some of the examples of bad assets are car, house, clothes, furniture, TV, stereo, mobile phone, CDs, boat, Xboat, and etc. Bad assets take money out of your pocket in 3 major ways. They cost you money to purchase, they generally cost you money to maintain and they also have an opportunity cost, which signify the lost opportunity and benefits that could’ve been earned from that opportunity.

Finally, you can increase your wealth by minimizing bad assets and owning as much good assets as possible. The sooner you become wealthy, the faster you can settle your debts. You can easily pay the fee of the debt settlement company as well as can pay off your debts.

Apr 07

We believe that reaching out to connect with your competitors, and even forming a partnership with them, is a brilliant idea (in most cases).  It may seem like an odd concept at first… but you have to weigh out the pros and cons!

The only con I can think of is you reveal yourself to your competition.  If they didn’t already know you exist, now they do.  If they didn’t know your core values, specialties, or goals – then you might divulge this information in your attempt to network with them.  Most would find this situation a bit exposing and therefore uncomfortable.  

Now let’s think about the bright side.  If you partner with your competition, it is likely that you will get some work from them. Continue reading »

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Feb 23

There are several meanings to the phrase: “Connect with the wealthy”.  The emphasis is one the word “connect”.  It could mean “to make contact with” or “share an understanding with”.  

Obviously, one must first make contact with another individual to even be able to share similar viewpoints (check out the networking category).  But once you’ve made the initial connection, what’s next?!

The wealthy are people, just like you and I, and your boy or girlfriend.  And much like that significant other, the wealthy require attention.  

Can’t make the connection (yet another meaning to “connect-“)??

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Feb 20

One of the easiest ways to network on the internet is to post on forums. Most forums are specific to an industry, trade, business, or hobby. For the most part, forums are free and easy to use. Forums are also a great way to stay connected, but maybe not to the caliber of social networking websites.

I thought this was pretty interesting, but I am surely not connected or wealthy enough to get on any of these social networking sites:   Five Social Networking Sites Of The Wealthy

One of my favorite places to network is the Young Entrepreneur Forum. You can find ambitious individuals who are open to anything relavent to making money. Great place to get started doing your own business or expand on what you already have going.

Another nice thing about networking on forums, or on the internet for that matter, is that your reach is limitless. The best (most populated) forums are going to be easily found by new comers, not to mention they are bound to have highly active users who want nothing more to connect with you and your talent.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Google to find a forum and start networking!

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